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May 8, 2013 by waitingintheglow

As an issue unknown

I walk in the streets of an urban jungle

filled with scorn and resentment, side glances and crooked faces

as they judge something they dont know

as a recap, i am a human being. 

I have feelings

I bleed blood as red as crimson.

See, when I’m living, I get scared and I’m so unprepared,

but once that fear is replaced I become a beast!

A freak with my mind and my voice grows and burns folks 

like an untamed flame in a desert.

But when I’m shy…

I’m as timid as a child experiencing someone different that I and my chest tightens

The butterflies turn to wasps and the slight feeling of joy that I had before

shatters around me…

killing the lights that guided me, then I’m lost.

I fade away into the thoughts of dreaded pasts and old regrets.

In the distance, that’s where I hear it, a voice that should be motivating,

but so discouraging and it pulls me away from help.

And that is when I Fade.


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