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April 12, 2013 by waitingintheglow

* This has derogatory terms

How do you feel?

When a man degrades your race

and puts them in last place

completely ignoring the fact that just because you’re black

means that you don’t have rights.

Constant glares and sneering from

the men who don’t understand

But will constantly be the one

holding out his hand

or pointing the finger at

“deranged niggers” who chose the wrong path

Well I’ll turn the radio

I want another song

that doesn’t put me in the circle of the damned, wrong and confused

I refuse to be the one to stand alone

in a sea of the bland

when there can be a sea of delight

so can we rise together and change the world – make it better

so that our race is not a disgrace

to the men and women who are pale of face

and who don’t understand that our color doesn’t equal hate


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