Tumblr URL Poems

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December 25, 2012 by waitingintheglow

So recently on Tumblr, I decided to write poems based on peoples URLs. A few people said they wanted to have a poem dedicated to theirs, so I went off what I felt their url meant to me:


leaving should be the hardest part
but for me it is only the start
crying, arguing and wordless glances
turn to nothing – no second chances
the place I call home is not a place to be
but unfortunately it’s the only place for me
I always think of leaving home
but I never want to be alone.


will we ever learn from the pain?
the change of heart, mind and soul;
are the changes that we gain’;
no matter the outcome there is only one goal;
we aim to be perfect;
we strive to be loved;
Yet in the end we are rejected


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